Corvallis Campus

Students who live in or around Corvallis, Oregon may pursue the Natural Resources degree on the beautiful campus of Oregon State University.

Getting Started

Both new and transfer students are required to particpate in a START session that will help them get oriented to the college and program. The link below has the schedule and detailed information about START sessions. The Pre-START survey will give you an interactive checklist that will show you the tasks you should complete before attending START. You should register for a START session right away so you can register as early as possible.

Pre-START Survey


You will meet with an Academic Advisor each term to receive a PIN number for registration and to plan your academic program. Your advisor will be assigned to you after you attend a START session. If you have any questions prior to attending START you may contact Terina McLachlain, Program Coordinator, 541-207-3580 or 541-737-2088, .

Evaluation of Prior Coursework

Don't worry if your previous courswork is not on your OSU transcript yet or has not been evaluated by an advisor. There is plenty of OSU coursework you need for the NR degree that will not duplicate your previous work. It can take up to 6 weeks for your advisor to receive your records from the Admissions Office to be evaluated. Please note that an Advanced Standing Report will not be generated by Admissions until you pay the Advanced Tuition Deposit

Once you Advisor has evaluated your transcripts any applicable transfer work will be noted in MyDegrees, our online degree audit system. Students can petition to have prior or future courses count towards fulfilling specific requirements in the Natural Resources program. You will need to complete a Petition for Course Substitution for each course you are petitioning and submit this to your Academic Advisor. The Natural Resources Program Director or the College of Forestry Head Advisor will review your petition to determine if the course content meets program requirements.


In addition to our award winning faculty you will also have access to a comprehensive list of student services and facilities. You will want to bookmark and thoroughly review the information on the College of Forestry Student Resources and Engagement website which includes information on scholarships, employment, and internships.

College of Forestry Student Resources and Engagement