Program Admission

First Year Students

Students considering academic programs in the College of Forestry should prepare by taking the most advanced college preparatory curriculum available in their high school. Advanced courses in biology, chemistry, physics and forestry (if available) are highly recommended. Students are encouraged to take the most challenging mathematics courses available, as well as electives in the humanities, social sciences, a foreign language, and communications to develop writing and public speaking skills. Detailed admissions requirements for First Year students and other information can be found on the College of Forestry website.

Transfer Students

Students planning to transfer to Oregon State University's College of Forestry should concentrate on college-level courses that fulfill the first and second year requirements for the major of interest as well as OSU's baccalaureate core. This includes coursework in basic biological and physical sciences, mathematics, writing, speech, health, and economics. Detailed admission requirement information for Transfer Students and other information can be found on the College of Forestry website.

Because of the professional nature of majors in the College of Forestry, students who enter with two years of transfer courses may need more than two years to complete their degrees. We encourage students who are attending other institutions and plan on transferring to OSU to contact Autumn Granger, Prospective Student Advisor, for a pre-admission advising appointment.

The College of Forestry accepts college-level coursework and credits taken at accredited institutions. Vocational or technical coursework is evaluated on a course-by-course basis in fulfilment of specific requirements, or for possible block transfer credit.


Post-Baccalaureate Students

The College of Forestry is committed to providing access for students pursuing their first degree; therefore, admission of post-baccalaureate level students is on a space available basis for programs that have capacity constraints. Admission to the College of Forestry is not automatic for students who meet the minimum Oregon State University standard for post-baccalaureate category nor does the College of Forestry conditionally admit post-baccalaureate level students.


Each candidate's application will be individually reviewed and special attention will be directed to the prior academic preparation that provides an appropriate preparation for the degree program for which they will pursue. These courses may include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Please review the Student Advising Guide  for the appropriate foundation courses. Detailed admission information for Post-Baccalaureate students can be found on the College of Forestry website.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the appropriate foundation courses (with grades of "C" or better) prior to applying for admission as a post-baccalaureate student. Some required courses at OSU have a minimum grade of C-.

In general, students selected for admission will have achieved a "B" average (3.0) and higher in their first undergraduate degree. Students with a GPA slightly less than this achievement level will be reviewed for the following criteria and may be admitted at the discretion of the College of Forestry:

  • Strength of undergraduate preparation
  • Evidence of improved GPA in the last two years
  • Exemplary service such as military service, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, etc.
  • Demonstrated work or volunteer experience in a forestry or natural resource context
  • Evidence of maturity and commitment to a new major

Students who are not admitted to post-baccalaureate status may still take classes at Oregon State University as non-degree students; however, non-degree students are restricted from registering for College of Forestry courses on the Corvallis campus that are part of a professional forestry degree program. Students may also be advised to take courses at a local community college to prepare for admission to OSU such as biology, mathmatics, statistics, etc...

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