Natural Resources Accelerated Master's Platform

Interested in a graduate degree?

You can get a jumpstart on your Masters of Natural Resources (MNR) while finishing your undergraduate degree in Natural Resources!

The Accelerated Master’s Platform (AMP) allows undergraduate OSU Natural Resources students to take graduate level courses that will be applied to their B.S. degree and transfer those courses to the Masters of Natural Resources program at OSU. Students apply to the AMP program after completing at least 105 credits in their undergraduate degree program and then, if accepted, matriculate into the master’s program immediately after graduation. Up to 22 graduate credits can be transferred and with careful planning full-time students could complete a master’s degree within 1 year of finishing their bachelor’s degree.

The Master of Natural Resources degree is currently offered through Ecampus. The Natural Resources B.S. degree is offered on the Corvallis Campus, OSU-Cascades and Ecampus.

Examples of Coursework
Students enrolled in the AMP program will take graduate level courses that will also meet the requirements of their Natural Resources B.S.  The list below is a small sample of the types of courses available. You will work with  your advisor to tailor an academic plan that fits your goals.

AEC 532 Environmental Law
FES 545 Ecological Restoration
FES 585 Consensus and Natural Resources
FES 586 Public Lands Policy and Management
FW 579 Wetlands and Riparian Ecology
FW 558 Mammal Conservation and Management
SOC 580 Environmental Sociology
TRAL 593 Environmental Interpretation

Degree Offered
Master of Natural Resources

Admission Requirements

  • Must be completing your FIRST Bachelor's degree. Post Baccalaureate Students are not eligible for AMP.
  • Compled 105 credits toward an undergraduate degree program.
  • A minimum of 3.25 OSU cumulative GPA in undergraduate coursework. The courses that apply to the graduate degree must be 3.0 or better.
  • Cover letter, plan for completion of the undergraduate major, and three letters of reference. One of the references must be from the applicant’s potential graduate faculty advisor. The student is responsible for finding a graduate faculty member to serve as their advisor. Talk to the AMP Coordinator about possible faculty members who fit your area of interest.
  • No GRE required for AMP students.
  • The graduate school application fee is waived for AMP applicants.
  • Campus based AMP courses are charged the UNDERGRADUATE tuition rate. Ecampus courses are charged the Ecampus GRADUATE tuition rate.

Admission Process

  • First meet with AMP Coordinator, Terina McLachlain (terina.mclachlain@oregonstate.edu), to get your AMP application "code" and complete a checklist for preparing your application materials.
  • Find a graduate faculty advisor who can help you create a plan of study and identify a capstone project. (This can be any OSU faculty member.)
  • Complete the online application via the Graduate School website. Apply three terms prior to completion of Natural Resources B.S. (Applications are accepted throughout the academic year).

 NOTE: Admission is competitive; not all of the applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be accepted.

AMP Program Coordinator
Terina McLachlain, Natural Resources Program Manager/Academic Advisor