Student Advising Guide

The Student Advising Guide will be your roadmap for planning your academic program. Bookmark this page or save a copy to your desktop.  It is updated regularly and sent to students each term via an email so make sure you are using the most recent version. Note that there are two advising guides. Requirements differ depending on when you were admitted to the Natural Resources major. The year you were admitted to the major is your "catalog year" and it determines which requirements you must complete.

The "NR2" Student Advising Guide reflects the requirements for students who were admitted between Summer of 2011 and Spring 2018. NR2 students may elect to change their "catalog year" in order to move into the revised NR3 curriculum if they desire.

The "NR3" advising guide is for students who were admitted in Summer 2018 and beyond or current students who opted to change their catalog year to 2018-19. The updated document shows the courses and requirements for the most current catalog year/term. Your MyDegrees audit may differ slightly depending on when you were admitted.